forensic accounting and investigations / litigation support services

Emeka Uzodinma & Co has a long history of providing forensic accounting solutions. Our forensic experts unravel complex financial information, reconstruct transactions, and perform analytical review procedures. The goal is to identify evidence and quantify losses to be able to provide tangible results back to you. As your trusted consultant we provide independent reports and expert testimony in financial disputes where there is suspicion or allegation of fraud. Our proactive strategies help our clients investigate, and often prevent possible fraudulent activity.

Our professionals offer broad perspective on the issues you face, great attention to detail and strong ethical standards.

We can help you:

  • Conduct investigations through extracting, reconstructing and analyzing financial data
  • Uncover and quantify damages and losses
  • Trace and recover misappropriated funds

We provide forensic services including:

  • Litigation Consulting
  • Business Valuations
  • Fraud Investigation and Prevention
  • Internal Investigation
  • Continuous Auditing and Analytics
  • Lost Profits │ Business Interruption │ Wage Loss